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Random Lovin’

It just caught my attention that UPROXX said some kind words about us the other day.

A few days ago we brought you this hilarious gallery of Community stills with hilarious Texts From Last Night entries laid over them culled from Tumblrs devoted entirely to doing just that. This got me to thinking: “Hmmm, I wonder if there’s a Tumblr out there that does the same thing with stills from Parks and Rec?” And of course there is. Ask the internet for something and ye shall receive it.

Enter Texts From Pawnee, a Tumblr described by the lovely young lady running it as a “combination of NBC’s ‘Parks and Recreation’ and Texts From Last Night, wrapped together like bacon on a turkey leg.” In other words, it’s possibly the greatest Tumblr ever.

After the jump, I’ve assembled a gallery of a handful of my favorites from Texts From Pawnee. If this doesn’t bring you immense pleasure, then you’re probably not an American.

Thanks, The Cajun Boy! We appreciate the linkage and are glad you’re enjoying the site.

The Clearly Dope posted about us, too, using a fab Ron Swanson image. Love it!

Also shoutout to The Huffington Post for the re-link along with Texts From Greendale. They inspired us and we hope they’ll come back for season three.

We got a bit of a follower boost after these so thanks to everyone who checked us out and decided to stick around. Everyone check out these rad sites and comment to let them know how much you love Texts From Pawnee!